Consumer credit sees further increase

Borrowing on credit cards, loans and overdrafts increased in December, amounts from banking demonstrate, amid concern over private debt amounts.

In November, Bank of England governor Mark Carney stated: “We are likely to stay vigilant across the issue, because we now have seen this change.”

The Bank of England has promised to keep an eye on private debt amounts.

The BBA, which represents the major High Street banks, said this was pushed by need for inexpensive personal loans.

The net upsurge in consumer credit was 330m in December, the BBA figures reveal.

But, the BBA said that uncertainty concerning the economical and political climate in 2017 can lead to customers having a more safety first strategy.

Experts at Capital Economics said recently that there was no need to stress over family debts.

“In general, we have observed high rates of customer and company borrowing, although there are early indicators that 2017 could see gentler demand for credit from company and households, as they anticipate potential interest rises and wait for further quality on Brexit,” stated Rebecca Harding, the BBA’s chief economist.

The cost of providing debts in comparison to family earnings was still low and manageable, it said. Interest rates would have to increase considerably to increase this cost to the levels observed in in 2008.

Different figures in the Council of Mortgage Lenders projected that gross mortgage lending attained 20.4bn in December.

This can be 4% lower than November and 4% greater than Dec 2015. It brought the estimated complete for the year to 246bn, a-12% improve on the last year and also the greatest yearly gross financing amount since 2008.

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